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I only receive gibberish (dots and punctuation) under Windows 7
Please change your display resolution to Recommended setting. Open Control Panel -> Adjust screen resolution -> click the Resolution combobox and select a "recommended" setting

Screen OCR SDK Library I only receive gibberish from Internet Explorer 9
Screen OCR SDK Library IE ignores your preference regarding ClearType font smoothing, and always uses ClearType which distorts characters and thus makes Screen OCR useless. There's no legal way to disable ClearType in IE9. To copy text from websites, we suggest you install any of other 4 major browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari. All of them pay respect to system's ClearType setting, so most probably you'd be surprised with Screen OCR's accuracy.

Screen OCR SDK Library I only receive gibberish from Internet Explorer 8
Screen OCR SDK Library Starting from version 8, Internet Explorer ignores system's ClearType setting. Before version 9, you still had an option to get rid of ClearType. Here is how: click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab, scroll down to Multimedia section and uncheck the "Always use ClearType for HTML" option. Then, restart the browser.

Screen OCR SDK Library Can't copy text from Adobe Reader (any version)
Screen OCR SDK Library By default, Adobe Reader uses its custom font smoothing method. Our engine can't function correctly with any font smoothing, so we suggest you disable font smoothing in your Adobe Reader. Having any PDF file open, click the Edit menu, select Preferences (or press Ctrl-K on the keyboard), navigate to the Page Display category and select None in the Smooth Text drop-down menu. After font smoothing has been disabled, set scale to 100% and try to copy text again.

Screen OCR SDK Library What are other ways to disable ClearType?
Screen OCR SDK Library You can use the following group policy to disable ClearType on the computer. This group policy can be located via:
1. Click "Start", go to "Run" (You can also press Win + R), type gpedit.msc and press Enter.
2. Locate the following group policy:
User Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Internet Explorer Internet Control Panel Advanced Page Turn off ClearType.
Screen OCR SDK Library Also, you can run this small utility to turn off the rest of the ClearType settings.

The font I need is not recognized.
Open OCR.ini file: right click the application icon in system tray, then select Properties. Select menu Control and click Advanced properties. In the [Recognition] section, add the desired font in front of others, right after "Include1=". Save the OCR.ini file and please don't forget to rebuild the font database after that !

I need to recognize a bigger (or smaller) font size.
Open OCR.ini file: right click the application icon in system tray, then select Properties. Select menu Control and click Advanced properties. In the [Recognition] section, check and correct enumeration of sizes in the line that starts with "Sizes=7-16". Save the OCR.ini file and please don't forget to rebuild the font database after that !

How to improve recognition results?
Try to minimize the recognition rectangle - for example, use Rectangle capture instead of Window selection, draw a rectangle around just the area you want to copy text from and not more. Try to avoid including pictures in the rectangle - they can dramatically decrease recognition quality.

I receive error 0xc0000135. What should I do?
Please download and install Microsoft .NET Framework.

I get error "The module "OCRCOM.dll" was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005"
Run as Administrator

Is .Net Framework required to run Screen OCR SDK?
.Net Framework is not required for DLL or ActiveX calls (C++, VBScript, JavaScript, and Delphi samples). However, if you want to run C# or VB.NET samples, you should install .Net Framework 3.5 or higher version.

I get error "OCR.ini" file not found
Both Screen OCR and Screen OCR SDK takes their initilization files from (1) current folder, (2) Application Data folder, then (3) folder where executables reside, (4) Windows folder

Why C++ sample project doesn't compile under Visual Studio Express edition?
VCExpress doesn't support MFC thus C++ example wouldn't compile

How it works?
In general, any text that is displayed using a font existing on your computer can be captured (if it was not smoothed, "cleartype"d, distorted, saved with compression and so on)
Even if it was a custom font from an old-fashioned Windows 3.1 program, the font can be re-created using one of publicly available bitmap font editors.
In some cases, programs simply ignore Windows ClearType setting so even if Screen OCR instructs Windows to temporarily turn ClearType off (to be able to compare characters to their representation in the corresponding font file), the area selected remains ClearType'd and recognition fails. A few examples of such a behavior: Internet Explorer 9, CHM help file viewer. Here is how to overcome this
If using IE9, you can turn compatibility view on. Use procedure 2 from this tutorial

What else can you suggest if I can't copy text from a window I need
Please try another product we develop and market, Capture Text

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OCR COM interface  ... as a business owner and a programmer.... it's just really nice when something actually works and works well.... awesome!
Kem Sisson, Money Movers, Inc

OCR library .NET  Screen OCR has been an invaluable tool for our business. It is easy to program with ...
... The response from their customer support was fast and extremely helpful. Overall a great product with great support.

Daniel W, Finiti

OCR library .NET  I use ScreenOCR to copy into text whatever I see in my computer screen. This tool has paid itself many times over as I can do my day to day tasks in a fraction of time it used to take me before. For any computer programmer ScreenOCR is a must have tool.
Jose Zaldivar, Palante Solutions, Calgary, AB, Canada

OCR library .NET has saved me so much time because it captures every screen so easily and accurately, despite the best efforts of the training software to make it difficult...I am so delighted that I have gone ahead and purchased the program because you deserve the money. I just love it.
Robert P., Australia

OCR library .NET  Many of the software companies I have dealt with lately say they offer support, but it turns out to be a user forum they do not monitor or a superficial listing of worthless FAQs. That is not the case with ScreenOCR. Their support team has been personable, knowledgeable and very helpful in working with me to solve my problem. H G Washington, NC

OCR library .NET  This is a wonderfully helpful program. I use it everyday, and it speeds up my productivity greatly. Thanks for coming up with it.
Elaine H., AK
OCR library .NET
OCR library .NET
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